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We are John and Vicki Hoppin and we  traveled around in our Class A Motorhome towing our car for 4+ seasons.  We went to as many ballparks as we could during our extensive journeys.  It all started in June of 2012 by getting our feet wet as full time  RVers traveling across the United States and Canada. After sitting in  Arizona for the winter of 2012 we hit the road in earnest to go  to ballparks at the beginning of the 2013 baseball season. We were able  to get to 29 ballparks in that first season and continued in 2014 by  getting to another 43 ballparks from California to Maine. In 2015 we  reached a milestone in Hagerstown, MD when we attended a game in our  100th Ballpark! We finished the 2015 season with 39 parks bringing our  total to 111 parks visited to date. In the 2016 season we were fortunate  to start with three opening nights in the Florida State League and  ended up in the Independent American Association in Winnipeg, MB Canada  on the last day of the  season. In between we added over 45 more ballparks to bring our four  season total to 158 parks and 157 teams. We added the Hillsboro Hops and  Idaho Falls Chukars in 2017. 

We put some stories and photos together in  a two volume book set and you can now order both Volume 1 and Volume 2 from the home  page.

Vicki  is the photographer and some of her pictures are published here  and on our Facebook Page - Ballpark2Ballpark.  Vicki has a historical connection to the game in  that her grand-father was a pitcher in the Texas League back in the day  where he fed up a home run pitch to Babe Ruth  and was struck out by Dizzy Dean back in the barnstorming days of  baseball's Golden Years.

John spent most of his time at the ballpark interviewing  fans and getting their incredible stories. Check out the "Stories" page here for a sample. He is a former  college baseball umpire and still umpires amateur baseball in the winter  in Arizona. As he likes to say......"it's the best seat in the house!"  As a fan he was able to see the great Willie Mays play in the SF Bay  Area as well as those great Oakland A's teams from the mid 1970's. We were introduced to the Minor Leagues in our home town of San Jose, CA, home  of the San Jose Giants, Advanced-A™ affiliate of the San Francisco Giants. 

The  stories we are retelling to you in these books reflect the joy  and the fun that you will find in any minor league ballpark. Whether they come from staff members, young or older fans and even a mascot or two. 

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look. 

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